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As three consecutive winter storms hit Texas in mid-February 2021, the State saw a rise in power demand. Following this, the ERCOT (Electricity Reliability Council of Texas) started a rotating outage to prevent complete blackout of the State. A rotating outage is the turn-by-turn power outage of households for a fixed interval of time to avoid overloading of the electric grid. In short, a controlled small-scale power outage to prevent an uncontrolled massive power outage.

Now the question is, why did the power generators fail? The simple answer to this is the lack of winterization. Winterization is the general term…

The journal of a renewable energy enthusiast

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In the year 2016, I was drawn towards these hyped words ‘renewables’, ‘climate change’ and ‘sustainability’ and I decided to take a plunge in my career. I quit my rather stable job in India, got admitted to a Masters program and with a student visa landed in Germany. Germany seemed like the best option as Deutschland benevolently provides free education to all its students and most importantly had implemented Energiewende (energy transition) in 2010. …

Greeshma Vishwanath

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